EJC Carr company was founded in South Australia in 1953 and taken over by Captain E.J.C. Carr in July 1980.

On Captain Carr’s retirement, Captain Pronk took over as the Principal and Director. Capt. Ganesan is now the Manager, with the excellent support of Capt. H. Pronk and Capt. Kyaw M. Oo. In addition to this, we have access to a Marine Engineer if so required.

Our mission is to help you secure cargoes and avoid losses. We achieve this with our surveys and pre-loading inspections; import and export vehicle inspections; stowage, stability & stress calculations, and assistance with loading.

We can conduct surveys for you in South Australia and other states as required. We do all types of Survey work including bulk container inspections.

We have an extensive expertise in all aspects of liner and bulk trades.
Our surveyors have command experience in various trades on all class of vessels including Cape Size, with personal experience in the preparation, stowage, loading and securing of Bulk Cargoes including Grain, Minerals, Refined Sands, Fertiliser and Coal.

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