We conduct all types of survey work including bulk container inspections

  Flag State Inspections (Bahamas, Barbados)>

  Marine Insurers including P&I Clubs
  Maritime Lawyers
  Grain Hold Surveys (Accredited Surveyors)
  Surveys and advise to Masters / Vessels overseas on preparation of holds for grain loading in Australian Ports
  Assist Master and vessel with grain stability and loading  Bulk vessel surveys including hold preparation, hose testing to assess suitability to load
  Bulk cargo load, discharge, supervision and superintendence
  Project cargo load, discharge, supervision and superintendence
  Cargo loading and discharge – General, break-bulk and container pack, securing
  Ro-Ro including motor vehicles
  Condition of ocean- going vessels
  On/Off hire – ocean going vessels, including damage
  Cargo – draught surveys and trimming

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